The National School for Mountain Sports, site of the National School for Skiing and Mountaineering, implements biomedical research focused on mountain sports. The aim of the studies is to better understand the physiological effects of altitude hypoxia on the human organism. Some of the studies focus on the health of mountain sport athletes, as well as the health of people living at altitude. Other studies aim to investigate the effects of altitude training in athletes. Finally, some studies focus on the fight against doping.
Biomedical research at ENSA is implemented in line with the missions of the National School of Mountain Sports, in particular the missions “research and expertise in mountain sports”, “preservation of the health of sportspeople”, “training of high-level mountaineers” and “international relations”. The studies contribute to strengthen our school’s influence in terms of scientific and medical expertise on altitude hypoxia, while stimulating our links with universities, research institutes and sport federations.

The Concordia station in winter (photo ESA/IPV/PRNA - Stijn Thoolen)